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“Vocal Workshop–Jessica Deskin”

Range vs. Tone: Finding your Voice

September 30, 2021

Join us for this special Vocal Technique Workshop with our featured guest artist, singer Jessica Deskin.

The answer to “what is your voice type and vocal range” seems simple, right? Not exactly . . . this is one of the most commonly misunderstood and miscommunicated aspects of the vocal performer and student. This workshop explores each participant’s voice as the multi-faceted, complex and wonderfully unique instrument that it is, analyzing tone and range on an individual basis in a masterclass setting. We will also address the impact and effects of factors contributing to our vocal health, strengths and/or challenges, from diet to living environment to daily speech habits. By the end of the workshop, you will have a general understanding of your range and tone and how they relate to each other, best practices to create a healthy environment for your voice, and a recommended game plan for developing your range further, as well as suggested repertoire.

We know that experience as a performer does not indicate understanding of the voice. Getting to know one’s range is important (and it’s the #1 most popular goal of any first-time voice client I interview) but even more so is understanding range as it relates to tone. Having a better grasp on what repertoire will not only work for your voice, but will show it off, saves time and energy otherwise spent going in a less organic direction, and focuses efforts on more relevant (and very likely more rewarding) singing opportunities.

Too often, vocalists of all ages who haven’t had the individual mentorship to get to know their instruments, end up spending a lot of time making their voices fit the role, song, solo, character–or even career path–that is presented or given to them, often out of necessity or default, instead of getting to know their voices first, then going after what fits best–or, better yet–choosing their own material and designing their own show. Yes, there are limitations, depending on location, personal attributes, competition, finances, etc. but my goal is to equip singers with this knowledge, so that they may have more control over performance opportunities, and ultimately, have the vocal technique, skills and understanding to build a truly powerful repertoire list in whatever genre they choose. Contemporary and Commercial singers should have the ability to make informed decisions based on their director’s requests, and modify the tone as is necessary, while doing what is best and healthiest for their own voices.






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Thursday, Sep 30, 2021 @ 7:00pm

Piano Prodigies Studio
250 Bank Street Extension, Lebanon, NH.03766

We hope you can join Jessica for this great opportunity to find your “voice” and truly understand the multi-faceted and powerful instrument that is within us.  The workshop takes place at Elizabeth Borowsky’s wonderful Piano Prodigies studio in Lebanon.  Only 12 spots are available so sign up now at the following link:


*This workshop is for ages 16 to adult and applies to all contemporary commercial music styles. If you are under the age of 18, please be accompanied by an adult.*

**COVID19/Delta Variant Precautions 8/23/21: it is required for attendees to be fully vaccinated for in-person indoor participation. Masks *may* be required and we are looking into outdoor options as well. Additionally, if needed, this event will be conducted virtually, through Zoom (same amount of individual participation).**

If a participant cancels for any reason, the workshop fee will not be refunded, but a private online lesson with Jessica will be offered at no additional cost, to be scheduled separately.

WANT TO ATTEND BUT CAN’T MAKE THE DATE? Email Jessica at jessica@jessicadeskinmusic.com for a special offer, exclusive to the NH workshop (this is an unlisted class), and schedule a 1-hour individual online lesson at over 30% off!

Please feel free to email Jessica directly at jessica@jessicadeskinmusic.com to find out more about special offers for workshop attendees, questions regarding the workshop, online setup, etc.