Classical Salon Series

Classicopia offers a three-session classical lecture/performance Salon series several times a year. Salons are held in private homes with the host inviting personal friends and colleagues. Profits generated are used for music camp scholarships. Interested individuals may contact Marcia Colligan at (603) 643-3337.

Performances are at 33 Rayton Road, Hanover NH

Reservations Required

Cost Per-Person:
Series of 3 – $120.00
One Event – $45.00

Previous Salon Series

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Classicopia is a fully tax-deductible entity with donations funding music camp scholarships, outreach programs in the public schools and support for local music professionals. Please check with your accountant for deductibility status for your gifts and salon fees.



A three-part Salon on the incredible
life and music of Frederic Chopin

June 14-28, 2020

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