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Roseminna Watson, Violin

Roseminna Watson is most known as a classical violinist, however in recent years she has begun to emerge as a singer, composer, and multimedia artist as well.  She holds a B.A in Visual Art from Yale University, an M.M. in Violin Performance from Stony Brook University, and an A.D. in Chamber Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  She is the former first violinist of the prize-winning Aiana String Quartet and the recipient of numerous awards and much acclaim through collaborations with renowned artists including Menahem Pressler, Donald Weilerstein, Jean-Michel Fonteneau, Axel Strauss, Paul Hersh, David Tanenbaum, Jennifer Culp, and Jodi Levitz. 

Ms. Watson is fascinated by the human body as a vehicle that can carry us closer to the divine. Her artistry is imbued with a haunting immediacy and poignant nostalgia. She is a member of the Providence-based new music collective Verdant Vibes, half of Humming Owl — a duo with her singer/songwriter/sitarist husband, Pablo Escalante — the founder of the Pandemic Polyphony project (pandemic polyphony.org) and curator of the Cape Cod summer concert series Music in the Studio, a collaboration with painter Cammie Watson. 

Ms. Watson has recently returned from performing the world premieres of two commissioned works — Crucible / Beloved for violin and voice, and Triptych, A Priori : Logic of the Interior for violin, clarinet, piano and track. You can find her solo album, Limbic Hymnal (2017), as well as her most recent release, Ravel Duo Sonata for Violin and Cello (2022), at roseminnawatson.com