Join us as we celebrate all the incredible women in our lives by presenting a very special Mother’s Day concert entitled “MUSICAL MOTHERS, Part Two.” Last Mother’s Day, at the start of the pandemic, we presented our first Livestream concert with all women composers and we have decided to keep that tradition alive as we head into the homestretch (we hope) of this terrible time. Please join usĀ this Sunday at 4:00 for another wonderful program featuring works by Helene Liebmann, Clara Schumann, Luisa LeBeau, Melanie Bonis, Amy Beach, Cecile Chaminade, and Louise Farrenc. All of these women struggled to get their voices heard and gain the respect they deserved both during their lives and afterwards. They are all amazing composers, who write with passion, vitality, beauty, and sincerity. The siblings Emmanuel (violin) and Frances (cello) Borowsky will join pianist/Art. Dir. Daniel Weiser in this fantastic concert.